Modified Nucleotides
Custom Synthesis
Request a Quotation

Request a Quotation

Sierra Bioresearch specializes in the custom synthesis of analog nucleoside analog mono, di and triphosphates. We can prepare the modified nucleotide analogs that you need.

We can also prepare many other modified nucleosides and nucleotides.

To request a quotation for a modified nucleotide that is on our modified nucleotide price list, please email for a quotation at Quotations@sierrabioresearch.com.

To request a quotation for custom synthesis of a novel compound, send your request to Custom@sierrabioresearch.com and please provide the following information so that we can serve you more efficiently and quickly:

  • The name and abbreviation of the compound you need
  • The CAS number of the compound, if it exists
  • An image of the chemical structure of the compound
  • The quantity that you need
  • Please attach PDF files of any references to the synthesis and use of this compound that you can find

We assure confidentiality for all information that you provide.










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