Today's Chemistry... Tomorrow's Medicine

The rapid progress in biotechnology and medical research has created tremendous opportunities for innovative product development in biochemistry and medicine. With this great progress has come a formidible challenge for R&D firms to keep pace with the latest advances.

With new technology developing at an ever more rapid pace, we can help pharmaceutical and biotechnology research organizations develop the compounds and processes they need to maintain their competitive edge as they bring new products to market.

We can help venture capital firms understand new technology and provide a basis for judging the technical feasibility of proposed applications of such technology.

We can develop new improvements and applications for existing technology.

We specialize in developing biotechnology custom designed address to your needs.

We can supply the custom specialty biochemicals that you need to keep your research effort on the leading edge.

We can perform custom syntheses of biomolecules of your design.

We can design biomolecules to perform a specific task.

We can supply a wide variety of analog nucleotides for anti-cancer/anti-viral research. For your imagination we offer the following list of possibilities for the custom synthesis of analog nucleotides:

We offer custom synthesis of mono di and triphosphates of many modified (analog) nucleosides based on: purine and pyrimidine ribosides, arabino nucleosides, carbocyclic nucleosides and acyclic nucleosides. We offer modifications of the adenine, thymine, guanine, cytosine, uracil, adenosine, guanosine, thymidine, cytidine and uridine bases. The types of modifications available for our custom synthesized analog nucleoside mono, di and triphosphates include acyclo, alkyl, amino, arabino, aza, azido, azole, borano, carbocyclic, chloro, deaza, diamino, dideoxy, dihydro, fluoro, hydroxy, indole, iodo, iso, lyxo, mercapto, methoxy, methyl, nitro, oxo, propynyl, pseudo, pyrrole, thio plus many other modifications.


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